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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Lisa Feldman Barrett couldn't be present at ESCAN 2018. She however provided us with a videotaped keynote lecture that is now publicly available at this address.

As much as we regret not being able to meet Lisa, we are happy that Carsten de Dreu gave a keynote lecture in the opening session.

Prof. Lisa Feldman Barrett (Northeastern University)

From essences to predictions: A brain-based understanding of emotion

Biographical sketch: Lisa Feldman Barrett studied Psychology  at University of Toronto. She then moved University of Waterloo where she obtained her PhD degree in Clinical Psychology. Since 2003 she is Professor of Psychology at Boston College. Her research addresses that question from both psychological and neuroscience perspectives, ultimately working toward a general framework for understanding how the brain creates the mind.


Prof. Carsten de Dreu (Leiden University)

Biobehavioral Functions for Attack and Defense in (Inter)Group Conflict

Biographical sketch: Carsten K.W. De Dreu is full professor at Leiden University, at the University of Amsterdam, and Distinguished Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. His scientific research and teaching focuses on the neurobiological and psychological underpinnings of cooperative decision making, conflict regulation, group decision making, and creativity. 


Prof. Mara Mather (University of Southern California)

How arousal increases neural gain and attentional selectivity

Biographical sketch: Mara Mather studied Psychology at Stanford University. She then moved Princeton University where she obtained her PhD degree in Cognitive Psychology. Since 2011 she is Professor of Gerontology and Psychology at University of Southern California. Her work focuses on the theory that arousal enhances high-priority neural representations but suppresses low-priority neural representations of stimuli.


Prof. Elaine Fox (Oxford University)

The contribution of cognitive biases and genes to psychological wellbeing

Biographical sketch: Elaine Fox studied Psychology at University College Dublin. She is currently Research Professor in the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford and Director of the Oxford Centre for Emotions & Affective Neuroscience. Her work focuses on the nature of human emotions and why there is such a wide variety of response to the same environmental situation.