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Abstract Submission

Submissions are invited for symposia and individual oral/poster presentations.

For symposia on a given theme, the organizing author should pre-arrange for the different speakers (of different affiliations, as symposia are meant to bring different groups/perspectives to the same forum) and should conduct the full submission. A symposium contains four or five speakers, and symposia organizers will be expected to moderate their sessions during the conference. It is important that the agreement of the chair and speakers has already been obtained before submission. All symposia proposals will be reviewed and rated by the members of scientific committee.

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Abstract submission for the ESCAN 2018 conference is closed.


Only a selection of abstracts can be allotted the chance to give an oral presentation. Other abstracts of sufficient quality will be allotted a poster slot. In selecting abstracts for oral presentations, the program committee will prioritize based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance and quality of the research
  • Certainty that data have already been acquired
  • Higher priority for ESCAN members
  • Higher priority for post graduate speakers
  • Lowered priority for those who failed to show up for a scheduled presentation during a previous ESCAN meeting