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ESCAN Young Investigator Award

The ESCAN Young Investigator Award honours early achievements of scientists working in the area of Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience and is meant to promote further ascendance of a research star. Scientific excellence should be represented in high-impact publications. The award is intended to first and foremost celebrate the innovative, robust, and substantial scientific contributions of the applicant. Beyond the outstanding scientific contributions, we also consider overall achievements of the applicants and contributions to the wider community, in terms of adopting Open Science practices, esteem, outreach and visibility.

Past recipients of the ESCAN Young Investigator Award


Dr Jennifer Murphy has made substantial and innovative contributions in the fields of social perception and interoception as evidenced by numerous high-quality publications that highlight the importance of robust measures and comprehensive theoretical and methodological frameworks.

Dr Simone Battaglia has made substantial and innovative contributions to the field of cognitive and affective neuroscience, specifically in the domain of emotional learning in humans. His research shed new light on the intricate neurofunctional role of the prefrontal cortex in fear memory consolidation and reconsolidation, employing various psychophysiological measures and non-invasive brain stimulation techniques.


Dr Camilla Nord has made substantial and innovative contributions at the intersection of cognitive-affective neuroscience and mental health as evidenced by numerous high quality publications that highlight the translational importance of reliable and robust measures.

Dr Emiel Cracco has made substantial and innovative contributions in the fields of social perception and action representations as evidenced by a number of high quality publications that advance a coherent theoretical framework of social perception that scales up from one person to many actors.

In addition, we confered a ‘Commendation Award for Open Science’ to Dr Lei Zhang for their commitment  to advance Open Science tools in the fields of social, cognitive and affective neuroscience.


Dr Leor Zmigrod


Dr Laura Steenbergen

Dr Patricia Lockwood


Dr Matthew Apps

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