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Amsterdam 2009

The ESCAN kick-off meeting (10-12 December 2009, Amsterdam) was the first public manifestation of the society. 70 participants from all over Europe attended 20 scientific presentations covering the breadth of cognitive and affective neuroscience, from consciousness, via vision and cognitive processes, their development and brain-machine-interfaces, to affective neuroscience and its clinical applications. View the pictures.

The following road map for the establishment of the new society was presented and adopted:

  • The initiative group will act as an interim board (supported by the audience at the Amsterdam meeting).
  • Legislation of the Society (acompished July 15, 2010). The draft constitution is posted here.
  • A newsletter will be circulated among the current participants, members and national bodies.
  • Opportunities will be explored to organize a joined ESCAN-national society meeting in 2011 (ESCOP 2011).
  • The first official ESCAN conference is likely to be scheduled in 2012 (Marseille).
  • Elections will be organized preceding the first ESCAN conference.
  • During the interim period, the ESCAN board will actively explore the relations with neighbouring societies. Potentially interesting relations will be reviewed during the first official ESCAN conference.
  • The ESCAN board is considering to connect to FENS, as a monodisciplinary society.
  • Fees will be used primarily for facilitation of junior researchers in ESCAN events.
  • The interim ESCAN board will explore actively journal options and submit a proposal to the membership in due time.


You are needed to create a high quality, low threshold society.

As of today, you may subscribe as a member. Membership categories: Founding member, member and junior member (join). Fees: 100, 30 and 0 Euros, respectively. Membership fees will be reviewed during the first official ESCAN meeting.