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Call for nominations for the
ESCAN Young Investigator Award 2020

The European Society for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience announces the 2020 ESCAN Young Scientist Award 2020.

This award honours early achievements of scientists working in the area of Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience and is meant to promote further ascendance of a research star. Scientific excellence should be represented in high-impact publications. The award is intended to first and foremost celebrate the innovative and substantial scientific contributions of the applicant. Beyond the outstanding scientific contributions, we also consider overall achievements of the applicants and contributions to the wider community, in terms of esteem, outreach and visibility.

The award includes a honorarium in the amount of 1000 Euro and provides resources to fund travel to the biennial ESCAN meeting (max. Euro 500). The 2020 award recipient is expected to attend the upcoming meeting from 1st to 4th July 2020 in Budapest, Hungary, and to provide a research presentation.

Eligible are scientists with a PhD awarded not longer than 5 years ago (plus one year per child and/or plus maternal or paternal leave) whose research falls within the scope of the society’s key focus. Candidates must be active members of ESCAN. Self-nomination is possible.

Applications will be evaluated in terms of the candidate’s:

Scientific Contributions (70%)
based on the novel and transformational nature of the candidate’s research output
Scientific Achievements (20%)
based on theoretical contribution, evidence of research independence, service to the scientific community (peer-review, editorship, open science contributions) and grant capture.
Esteem, outreach, and visibility (10%)
based on past awards, international invited talks, keynotes, participation in international symposia, public engagement, media coverage.

Documents to be submitted

  1. A maximum 2-page document explaining the key scientific achievements of the candidate. Emphasis should be given on how these achievements map onto specific research articles of the candidate. This document can be written/signed by the nominator or the applicant herself/himself in case of self-nomination.
  2. CV (maximum 2 pages) to cover education, employment, awards, international invited talks, keynotes, participation in international symposia, public engagement, service to the scientific community, media coverage, engagement with non-academic audiences or any other information the candidate deems necessary.
  3. Publication list, including citations as provided by Scopus (excluding self-citations), and H index. The applicant should highlight the publications for which the PhD supervisor is not included in the authors’ list.
  4. Copies of the candidate’s three most important peer-reviewed papers.

Please submit all documents in the aforementioned order, as ONE single pdf file named after the surname of the candidate (e.g., “SURNAME.pdf”).

Deadline for submission: Monday 3rd February 2020, 23:59 CET

Award decision: Beginning of March 2020

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