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Below you will find the Regulations for the Board Elections as they have been approved at the general assembly in Marseille. May 10, 2012. See article 7 of the constitution also.

Article 1: Nominations and Elections

  1. The President-Elect, and elected members of the Board shall be elected by electronic ballot of those qualified to vote. The ballot shall be transparent and anonymous. New Board members shall take on the responsibilities at the end of the Biennial Meeting of the Society in the year in which they are elected, except in the case of the Treasurer who will take office from the beginning of the succeeding financial year.
  2. The Secretary of the Society prepares the election by inviting the membership to nominate candidates at least five months prior to the Biennal Meeting of the Society. All members of the Society are eligible to nominate candidates for vacancies on the Board. The Secretary will pass nominations on to the Board after removing any identification of the nominator.
  3. The Board shall select from the group of nominees for President-Elect and for each open position on the Board a slate of willing candidates. In doing so they will be guided by the suggestions of the electorate and the need to maintain a European regional and disciplinary balance of the membership of the Society. Individuals receiving the most nominations from members of the Society for any office or the Board shall automatically be included in the slate of candidates, and the Board shall resolve ties in the number of nominations and decide the final number of candidates for each open office and Board position, except that the number of candidates shall not be less than three. The Board may also add nominees beyond those received from the membership, but only by an 80% majority vote. The Board shall submit its slate of candidates to the Secretary who shall arrange for an electronic ballot.
  4. The ballot shall be organized and votes be cast according to the single transferable vote system (also known as Hare-Clark system)
  5. The Secretary shall certify the electronic ballot. The Secretary shall inform the President, who shall promptly notify the elected officers and Board members and identify them at the next business meeting.